Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NEWS : Sad day in music - Gerry Rafferty also passes away

RIP Gerald "Gerry" Rafferty (16th April 1947 – 4th January 2011)

Below is one of my favourite Gerry Rafferty tracks performed as Steelers Wheel

A great loss to music.......

NEWS : Mick Karn loses his battle with cancer :( :( :(

It is very sad news that Mick Karn former bass player for Japan and founding member of Dali's Car, has lost his battle with cancer, he was only 52. As well as being a musician he was also a sculptor and photographer.

He has also played with many artists including Gary Numan, Kate Bush and Joan Armatrading to name a few.
It had been reported last year that he had been diagnosed with advanced cancer, I had been hoping that he would be able to overcome it, as I am sure many others hoped. Cancer is, as I have said before one of the most cruelest diseases man kind faces, and much more effort should be put into finding cures.

RIP Mick Karn (born Andonis Michaelides, 24th July 1958 - 4th January 2011)
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