Sunday, March 28, 2010

NEW RELEASE : The Joy Formidable

The new single "Popinjay" from The Joy Formidable is available to download now, they are also releasing a limited edition 7" on red vinyl from 5th April.

"A Balloon Called Moaning" is available on iTunes for the first time for European fans.

They will also be releasing a full-length album soon.

Vienna For UK No.1 Campaign

A 2010 FaceBook campaign to see Ultravox finally get a UK no.1 with 'Vienna' is gaining momentum, almost thirty years on from the time that it was held off the top spot by both John Lennon and Joe Dolce.

The campaign's founder Martin Slade isn't particularly an Ultravox fan; he became interested in how the two songs seemed to be forever remembered together and felt that there might be a chance to remedy this.

Martin started the FaceBook group in June 2009 and originally planned to aim the campaign for 2011, 30 years since the single was released - but following Rage Against the Machine's successful campaign in December 2009, thought it best to surf that momentum and move it up to 2010. Interestingly, Joe Dolce himself has launched a rival campaign in a bid to repeat history...

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For more information on the campaign and how to join in, go here.

NEW RELEASE : Ultravox Live

The eagerly awaited 2009 live album, Ultravox Live at The Roundhouse, will be released on 5th April 2010 in two formats: a DVD+2CD Special Edition containing the full 18-track show in both audio and video, plus a 39-minute 'Building Eden' reformation documentary, and a 13-track Highlights CD (audio only). To celebrate its release, Townsend Records are giving away a limited amount of exclusive A4 'Return to Eden' Art Prints - one print per order. To get the print order here.

NEW RELEASE : Arcadia Re-issue

Just after the peak of Duran Duran's popularity, the three core members Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor formed Arcadia, sadly Arcadia only ever released one album, "So Red The Rose", but what an album, some say it was "the best album Duran never made", featuring collaborations with the likes of David Gilmour, Grace Jones, Herbie Hancock and Sting.

The album was originally released in 1985, the re-issue is set for release from the 12th April 2010.

The 3 disc collectors set will feature the original album, that will include 7 bonus tracks, plus a bonus disc of rare recordings including many hard to find 12" mixes, and to top the set off a DVD, which follows the filming of five music videos from the album and the interesting combination of directors, locations, behind the scene footage & photographic montages. The collection of videos including Arcadia's first single 'Election Day' are shown in full, including Dean Chamberlain's rarely seen interpretation of the song 'Missing'.

The track-listing is as follows :

1. Election Day 5.30
2. Keep Me In The Dark 4.32
3. Goodbye Is Forever 3.49
4. The Flame 4.24
5. Missing 3.40
6. Rose Arcana 0.51
7. The Promise 7.30
8. El Diablo 6.05
9. Lady Ice 7.32

Bonus Recordings:
10. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - 7" Edit [4.29]
11. She Moody And Grey, She's Mean And Restless [4.28]
12. Election Day - Single Version [4.30]
13. Goodbye Is Forever - Single Remix [4.16]
14. The Promise - 7" Mix [4.45]
15. The Flame - 7" Remix [4.05]
16. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - Soundtrack Version [5.06]

1. Election Day - Consensus Mix [8.39]
2. Goodbye Is Forever - 12" Extended Vocal Mix [6.37]
3. The Promise - Extended Version [5.35]
4. Rose Arcana - Extended [5.37]
5. The Flame - Extended Remix [7.20]
6. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - Extended Vocal Remix [6.30]
7. Election Day - Cryptic Cut [9.06]
8. The Promise - 12" Mix [7.02]
9. Goodbye Is Forever - Dub Mix [5.13]
10. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - Extended Instrumental Remix [5.46]
11. Election Day - Early Rough Mix [8.41]
12. Flame Game - Yo Homeboy Mix [2.05]

1. Filming 'Election Day' - Paris, France. September 1985.
2. Election Day - Directed by Roger Christian, Produced by Chrissie Smith [7.47]
3. Filming 'The Promise' - Cote D’Azur, France. December 1985.
4. The Promise - Directed by Marcelo Anciano, Produced by Ruth Orme and Martin Wyn Griffith [4.46]
5. Filming 'Goodbye Is Forever' - London, England. January 1986
6. Goodbye Is Forever - Directed by Marcelo Anciano, Produced by Ruth Orme [4.11]
7. Filming 'The Flame' - London Docklands. April 1986.
8. The Flame - Directed by Russell Mulcahy, Produced by Chrissie Smith [4.00]
9. Filming 'Missing' - London, England. December 1986.
10. Missing - Directed by Dean Chamberlain [3.40]

Thursday, March 4, 2010


IAMX will release DOGMATIC INFIDEL COMEDOWN OK on the 19th March.

The album is a collection of reworks and Interpretations of tracks from the Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction album by Alec Empire, Combichrist, Terence Fixmer, Black Light Odyssey and many more.


01 Nature Of Inviting - Black Light Odyssey
03 You Can Be Happy - Combichrist
04 Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction - Aesthetic Perfection
05 The Great Shipwreck Of Life - Pull Out Kings
06 Tear Garden - UNFALL ART DECO
07 Think Of England - Miss Derringer
08 The Stupid, The Proud - Index
09 My Secret Friend - Omega Man
10 I Am Terrified - Alec Empire
11 An I For An I - UNFALL X-Mess
12 Nature Of Inviting - Terence Fixmer
13 Running - Cook/Kirby

The video to the Alec Empire Remix of "I am terrified" can be found on IAMX's youtube channel - here.

The album is available to pre-order here.
iamx myspace

NEWS : Recoil

Good news for Recoil fans, Alan Wilder has announced he will be releasing his forthcoming album "Selected" on the 19th April, the release will also be accompanied by a series of live events starting from March 12th, the events will celebrate 25 years of Recoil music.

Alan will be posting a series of videos about the release and the live events and what he has in store for fans in the next few months.

For more information and to see his first updates go here.