Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vienna For UK No.1 Campaign

A 2010 FaceBook campaign to see Ultravox finally get a UK no.1 with 'Vienna' is gaining momentum, almost thirty years on from the time that it was held off the top spot by both John Lennon and Joe Dolce.

The campaign's founder Martin Slade isn't particularly an Ultravox fan; he became interested in how the two songs seemed to be forever remembered together and felt that there might be a chance to remedy this.

Martin started the FaceBook group in June 2009 and originally planned to aim the campaign for 2011, 30 years since the single was released - but following Rage Against the Machine's successful campaign in December 2009, thought it best to surf that momentum and move it up to 2010. Interestingly, Joe Dolce himself has launched a rival campaign in a bid to repeat history...

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For more information on the campaign and how to join in, go here.

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