Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ultravox - Return To Eden Tour

I have not long returned from what I consider to have been one of the best concerts I have seen in a long time,I am of course speaking of Ultravox on their Return To Eden Tour.

I got to see Ultravox at the Manchester Apollo. I never got the chance to see the band the first time around during the 80's and I have never seen Midge live (although that will change), The band were on perfect form and it was as if they had never been away, the venue IMO was perfect and although I was some 20 rows away, the view of the band was outstanding.

All in all I was quite, for want of a better phrase - blown away. I'm wishing I could catch them at another gig.

I will say this if you get the chance to see them on this tour - SEE THEM! :) :)

The following video was taken from the Manchester Apollo show (not by me, I had taken some shots but I was a bit further back, a fine job)

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