Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NEWS : The Orb's Andy Hughes Dies at 43

Some very sad news, The Orb's Andy Hughes has died at the age of 43 of illness brought on by liver failure.

Hughes, was probably best known for his mixing and production on the Orb’s Orbus Terrarum, Orblivion and Cydonia albums, his most famous recording was the Orb's "Toxygene" single that reached No 4 in the UK charts in 1997.

As well as his production work with Kovak and Basment Jaxx, he also worked with the likes of David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys and did remix work including remixes for The Cranberries and Tangerine Dream.

Hughes worked with the Orb up until 1993’s Live 93 album, and he also helped build the band’s Back Passage studio in Clapham during the same year and was a member of the band until departing in 1997, during the production of Cydonia.

Hughes’ management company WME Entertainment released a statement regarding Hughes’s passing that reads, in part, “Andy was a genius who gave so much inspiration and passion to all with his incredible work. He was loved by many aficionados of the trance/ambient genre, but will be especially remembered for his work with Alex Paterson and the Orb... Andy created electronic and ambient/techno/house/dub masterpieces. These took him across the globe where he played to masses of fans in countries including the USA, Japan and Canada as well as a sellout concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 1998.”

Hughes had two children.

Donations can be made in his name to the Liver Intensive Therapy Unit, Kings College Hospital in London, where Hughes spent the last few days of his life. Donate here.

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RIP Andy Hughes
11th November 1965 -12th June 2009

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