Monday, July 13, 2009

Andy Hughes - many reports get age wrong

Seems plenty of sites seem to have reported the age of the late DJ and Orb member as 44. I often find it hard to work out how some of these people are in a job, if you cannot get the facts right, then don't bother, leave it to someone who can.

Andy Hughes was born 11th November 1965 and died 12th June 2009, please do the sums.

Andy Hughes wiki
Andy Hughes @ discogs

Links to a few of the sites that obviously don't check the facts before typing.

Here, here, and here, unfortunately this list is not exhaustive, but with the Internet being what it is, once one gets it wrong, you will find that many follow.

That said whether it's reported as 43 or 44, he still was far too young and left way before his time, RIP Andy Hughes :(.

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