Monday, August 17, 2009

NEW RELEASE : David Sylvian - "Manafon"

The Genius that is David Sylvian is due to release his next album, titled "Manafon", on the 14th of September.

The physical release, will come in both digi-pack and deluxe versions, it will also be available as a download.

More on the album can be found at, you can also see the promotional video for "Small Metal Gods", as well as samples.

I was also interested to learn (LOST IN MUSIC blog) that co-incidentally, Sylvian's ex-wife Ingrid Chavez is also due to release her solo album "A Flutter and Some Words" in the very same month (wonder if that is just co-incidence :/)

If you are interested in finding out more about forthcoming release from Ingrid Chavez follow the link below.

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