Friday, December 4, 2009

NEW RELEASE : Spandau Ballet Live @ The O2

Spandau Ballet have released their DVD Spandau Ballet Live at The O2, and it is available now, filmed during their sell out concerts at London's O2 Arena as part of their Reformation 2009 Tour, footage was filmed over 3 nights and features the classics as well as some new material from their latest album.

Track listing is as follows :

1. To Cut a Long Story Short
2. The Freeze
3. Highly Strung
4. Only When You Leave
5. I'll Fly For You
6. How Many Lies
7. Virgin
8. She Loved Like Diamond
9. Once More
10. Round and Round
11. Man in Chains
12. With the Pride
13. Through The Barricades
14. Instinction
15. Communication
16. Lifeline
17. Chant no 1/ Paint Me Down
18. True
19. Fight for Ourselves
20. Gold

The DVD also includes behind the scenes footage. You can get it here.

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