Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jean Michel Jarre In Doors Tour 2009 - MEN

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of seeing Jean Michel Jarre in Manchester's MEN arena, I had seen him perform in the venue when it was known as the NYNEX, that show was to promote his Oxygene 7-13 album. a quite intimate affair and worked well indoors - visually the show relied quite heavily on a projected backdrop - at that one we were a fair distance away but still had a good view and the show was excellent.

This time around we were much closer and had an exceptionally good view of the stage, we were basically situated on the lower tier on the right hand side of the stage.

The show did not dissappoint, this show relied on more lighting than backdrops and featured some nice laser visuals including images that at certain times were projected at the back of the venue, also all the PA equipment was hidden, there were no stacks either side of the stage meaning that the view was completely unimpeded.

He played a very nice selection of tracks including 2 tracks off Magnetic Fields (probably my favourite album, only behind Oxygene and Equinoxe), 2 tracks off Rendezvous including another big favourite of mine Rendezvous pt2 and he also played a track from his Concerts In China, Souvenir of China (another big favourite of mine.......OK I like them all :)), he also played a track off Calypso which he dedicated to his late father. The encore of Oxygene 4 was just fantastic, I have always felt alot of JMJ's material has a certain timeless quality and sounds just as fresh as when they were originally released and when you think that alot of his more popular material is in the region of 30 odd years old, it just makes it more astounding.

An excellent show, if you have a chance to see him you will be in for a treat.

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