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The Jam's first number one was 'Going Underground' in 1980.

The Jam originated from Woking, Surrey, England.

The members of The Jam were Paul Weller (Singer/Writer), Bruce Foxton (Bass), Rick Buckler (Drums)

The Jam debuted in 1977 with the single "In the City" taken off the album of the same name.

The Jam (pre-1977), were originally a teenage rock band, preforming mainly American rock and roll covers by the likes of Chuck Berry and Little Richard. The line-up was : Paul Weller singer/writer, guitarist Steve Brookes, drummer Rick Buckler, and bassist Bruce Foxton.

The 1982 release The Gift, the group's last LP, was another massive commercial success, peaking at #1 on the UK charts.

The Jam's first ever gig was mid 1973 at Sheerwater Youth Club, Woking.

After The Jam split, Bruce Foxton pursued a brief solo career. He had a minor UK hit with the single "Freak" and played in several less well known groups, until he got the call from Stiff Little Fingers' Jake Burns. He stayed with Stiff Little Fingers for fifteen years, during which time they recorded four albums, namely, Flags and Emblems, Get a Life, Tinderbox, and Guitar and Drum. During his time with the band, he wrote and co-wrote several tracks, and along with Jake Burns, managed the group for a while, after Russel Emmanuel gave up the job.

In 1983, Rick Buckler joined 'Time UK', featuring himself, Jimmy Edwards and Ray Simone, both formally of 'MasterSwitch', as well as Danny Kustow from the Tom Robinson Band and Nick South of both the Yoko Ono Band and Steve Marriot's All Stars. Time UK sold nearly 60,000 copies of their first single, "The Cabaret". Buckler was reunited with ex Jam bassist and Time UK's Jimmy Edwards as 'Sharp', who recorded some songs for the short lived Unicorn record label. These recordings have subsequently been re-issued on a Time UK anthology

The birthdates of all member of The Jam are

Paul Weller (born John William Weller, 25 May 1958
Rick Buckler (born Paul Richard Buckler, 6 December 1955
Bruce Foxton (born 1 September 1955)

All were born in Woking, Surrey, England

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