Friday, September 25, 2009


Good news for John Foxx fans, Metamatic Records will be re-pressing "A New Kind Of Man", the album features 17 tracks recorded from the 2007 Metamatic Tour, plus B-sides and rarities, artwork will be different to that of the original 1000 copies that sold out last year.

There will be re-issues of the John Foxx/Louis Gordon albums "Shifting City" and "The Pleasures of Electricity", the recent Foxx/Gordon album "Impossible" will be re-pressed (the original limited edition having been deleted on the 21st of September, the re-pressing will feature a remixed version of "A Million Cars" which features a quieter vocal melody than the original release.

Finally, the double CD live album "In The Glow" which was recorded on the 1983 "Golden Section" Tour will be re-issued.

All the above are due for release on the 19th October.

More information on the releases can be found here.

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